Bioshock Infinite Wallpaper

Travel to Columbia with Elizabeth




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Bioshock Infinite is the third release of one of this generation's most important sagas. It also marks the return of Ken Levine (Thief: The Dark Project and System Shock 2) after almost five years of not releasing a video game.

In this wallpaper you'll see an illustration of Elizabeth, one of Bioshock Infinite's protagonists, and possibly the most recognizable face of this franchise up to this point (and the game hasn't even been released yet).

The image's dimensions are 1920x1200. It fits perfectly on any widescreen monitor, and displays an excellent illustration with a retro feel, along with the game's logo in the bottom lefthand corner.

Bishock Infinite is one of 2012's biggest releases, and this wallpaper is the best way to embrace it with open arms. The floating city of Columbia awaits you!
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